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Why Should You be a Member of FWA?

The Florida Watermelon Association is the voice of Florida's watermelon industry, proudly supporting the growers, brokers, and suppliers of the industry since 1968. 

FWA Members Receive:

  • Membership in the Fresh from Florida Program : this is FREE for FWA grower members and allows the use of the "Fresh from Florida" logo. Fresh from Florida offers a logo incentive program with up to $1,500 in savings on labels, as well as other marketing materials.
  • Legislative Advocacy for the Watermelon Industry : FWA takes an active role in representing and speaking out for our industry in Tallahassee and Washington, D.C., monitoring legislation, government regulations, and collaborative efforts through other organizations like FFVA and NWA.
  • Support for Florida Watermelon Related Research : FWA believes in the importance of research and has created a $100,000 FWA Research Fund. Results from the FWA funded research with the University of Florida/IFAS can be found here.
  • Opportunity to Network with Other Farmers, Brokers, and Industry Partners : the FWA Annual Convention offers the opportunity to network and discuss trends and needs in the industry, as well as grow business relationships. FWA members receive a discounted registration rate.
  • CEU-Approved Educational Credits : FWA members have access to CEU sessions at our annual convention and throughout the year.
  • World Class Florida Watermelon Marketing : FWA supports fresh Florida watermelon marketing on a variety of platforms, including social media, NASCAR, billboards, and the Ibotta app. The Ibotta marketing campaign alone resulted in confirmed sales of over 96,000 watermelons in 2020.
  • The Florida Watermelon Queen as Our Official Spokesperson : Through a very successful Watermelon Queen marketing program, FWA promotes the flavor and health benefits of Florida watermelons in Queen appearances across the state and US.

Growers : all of this is FREE for your first year of membership! Give us a try and see if you find value in an FWA membership. Membership for growers is only $50 after your first year.

Debra Harrison

Promotions & Queen Inquiries


Florida Watermelon Association

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Jenna Brown

Executive Director


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